Free Epson Ink Reset and WIC reset Free Epson Reset Codes

Free Ink Reset Codes for Epson L100, L200, L800 printers

:: FirmWare printers update

The firmware update need to perform if there is new update. You cant make update if you have last firmware in your printer.

If you want to update firmware for Epson L100, L200 or L800 printers you should first check the firmware version.

There are 2 ways to make firmware update:
- software update by IPL USB Sender or printer Updater utility;
- hardware update (you have to change the chip on tha main board).

We have all this stuff and are testing how it works at this moment.
Please be patient and wait for a while.

There is common problem for new Epson printers. After firmware update by internet - printer will not recognize NOT ORIGINAL cartridge chips. So if you use CISS or Refillable cartridges - you use not original chips. If you allow printer make firmware update from Epson server - you will get this problem. Printer cant see cartridges. The solution is - to make firmware DownGrade. You can do it by WIC utility. See how to make FirmWare downgrade fro Epson printers